The tragic loss of a law enforcement officer within the community is generally very emotional and profound. The outpouring of emotions and gratitude from the community is always encouraging and appreciated.  

We are cognizant that there is a grieving widow and/or family as the result of this tragedy and they are who we want to offer immediate support too.  

Many times people forget that compounded with the emotional destruction an event like this can inflict there is also the potential financial destruction an event like this can have.  Funeral and/or memorial services can be very expensive and require immediate attention. Hotel services for incoming family members can be cost prohibitive as well.  Simply eating might be to expensive given the family's financial state; especially given the family's income is going to change.  These are brutal realities many widows face in times of such emotional horror that it can be overwhelming.  

Many larger agencies have established police associations or unions that can step in to provide some assistance.  Some states have large state police associations that can offer the same type of assistance.  The problem is not everyone has an association to fall back on or they are not a member.  Cases as these is when America's Defenders Foundation can be that much more helpful.

America's Defenders Foundation is motivated to try and take some of that weight off of the widow and/or family during these times.  We wish to offer a monetary donation from fundraising to the widow to help ease some of the financial concerns and then remain to offer physical assistance with anything the family needs.  Any help we can provide it what we are here for.

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