America's Defenders ​

Disabled Veterans

We have a service dog program to assist veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI injuries. 

We’re committed to providing America's sheepdogs with top notch support. We approach every officer/veteran with a focus on integrity, honor, and understanding. We are here for you!


Our board of directors are all service connected.  This foundation is run by veterans, law enforcement, spouses, and military brats.  We know the sacrifice and we are emotionally invested to give back.

Physical Disability 

Often, a disabled veteran will seek relief from the VA for a disability that occurred on active duty.  Most of the time that disability is physical in nature and easily diagnosed.  Sometimes we have veterans returning from service that have both physical and emotional injuries.  We have launched a service dog program that assists veterans diagnosed with PTSD and/or have suffered a TBI injury as a result of their service to our country.  Our vision is to work with credible local dog breeders and trainers in an effort to donate a certified service dog free of charge to qualified veterans.


What We Do

Fallen Officer

In the event our community tragically  loses an officer to an in the line of duty death it's our goal to offer immediate emotional support.  What we have seen over the years is evidence of many organizations wanting to assist immediately after an in line of duty death.  After some time passes these organizations go away and jump on the next story line that makes them feel good.  The problem with that is simple; the family grieves much longer than the attention span of most organizations.  America's Defenders wants our nation's heroes to know we aren't one of these organizations.   We will wait and return to support the families that want the support after everyone else goes away.  We do this by organizing and hosting events for families of the fallen, in addition, to organizing "getaways".  Our hope is that these families will connect and self create their own support network with each other as they all have a tragic commonality.  

College Scholarship (Looking to the future)

We are proud that so many children of law enforcement are attending college.  As many know college tuition is rising with little relief in sight. America's Defenders Foundation wishes to help be apart of the next generation of graduates by offering scholarships to qualified applicants in the future.  

About Our Foundation

Law Enforcement

Host appreciation and fundraiser events. Support fallen officer families monetarily and with support following an in the line of duty death.